Hitachi SF-95PJS NRO

Hitachi SF-95PJS NRO

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Hitachi SF-95PJS NRO

Hitachi combination of big and small blades makes an efficient water flow that agitates clothes.

Items are thoroughly washed by large blades and gently rubbed by the small blades, for powerful washing with washboard effect.


  • Tangle Free Finish
  • Air Jet Dry with Nano Titanium Filter
  • 4-Steps Wash
  • Active Beat Lifter
  • Water Save Mode
  • Eco Button
  • Anti-bacterial Lint Filter
  • Standby Power Zero Watts
  • Fully Auto Restart
  • 590(W) x 1059(H) x 608(D),mm

Auto Washing Machines

Sparkle Beat-Combined Actions for Higher Detergency

Beat Drum
The drum wall features 186 slender projections with streamlined shape that creates

vertical water flow to move upwards smoothly. And when the clothes move in the direction

of rotation, the projections provides a washboard effect that efficiently removes stubborn dirt.

The shape and layout of both projections and holes contribute to more efficient water removal during spin-drying.

Intelligent Spin Functions

Variable Spin Control
This new unit allows you to vary spin-dry speed in the same way as in

drum-type washing machine. Only select a course, spin time and speed (400 / 600 / 800 rpm) will

be set dependently on washing items. They also can be changed accordingly with a type of clothes. It does not matter

what kind of items have being spin-dried, this operation assures an optimal result anyway.

Tangle Free Finish
When the spin cycle finish, pulsator start moving repeatedly clockwise and counterclockwise,

first making items fall away from tub walls and then untangling them.

This unique feature makes taking items out much easier.

Delicate Fabric Care
Advanced rotation speed control technology enables gentle speed-drying, being

made at much lower speed than in conventional washing machines. It helps to prevent

stretching, shape loss and damage of such delicate fabrics as lace lingerie or silk.

This mode can also be the best for hand-washing type of clothes.

Air Jet Dry
High-speed air drying system dries your washing faster; meanwhile, Nano Titanium

filter assures clothes' freshness by removing odor-causing molecules from the air flow in a tub.

Beat Wave Wash

Beat Shower
Blades on the bottom of newly developed Beat Lifter mechanism push water upwards,

and with powerful shower from two outlets at the top of tub circulates water agitating

clothes. Beat Shower adoption allows to prevent clothes tangling, assures thorough washing and rinsing.

Active Beat Lifter
Unique, newly developed Active Beat Lifter pushes clothes up and down to wash more thoroughly than ever.

Powerful up-and-down water flow agitates fabrics well to provide thorough washing and rinsing with minimal tangling.

10 Washing Programs
You can select the most suitable course for anything, from heavily soiled work clothes and jeans to delicate lingerie and even items requiring hand washing, such as silk shirts or woolens.

Air Jet Dry
No matter what season it is, high-speed air drying system will dry your washing faster and cleaner.

Time of air jet dry course is selectable (15 / 25 / 45 min) and spin-dry action can be accelerated from

800 to 1000 rpm (*dependently on a model) for faster drying. Drawn into a tub fresh air create a high-speed

vortex evaporating moisture more efficiently than regular spin cycles.

Nano Titanium filter assures fresher clothes by removal odor-causing molecules from air flowing into the tub.

Nano Titanium Filter
Nano Titanium is a cutting-edge technology using TiO2 catalyst to provide a powerful anti-bacterial

and deodorizing effect. Nano Titanium eliminates odor-causing bacteria from external air flowing into

the tub through the Air Jet Dry system. The result is clean clothes wrapped in a fragrance of the fresh.

Super-Fast Spin Speed
During spin-dry cycle washing tub turns at speed of 800 - 1000 rpm (*dependently on a model)

that accelerates moisture extraction and makes clothes dry faster, at once preventing their tangling.

Additional Information


Wash Capacity 9 Kg
Wash Cycles Dryer, Washer
Loading Type Top Loading
Body Type Plastic
warranty 1 Year Manufacturer
Brand Hitachi


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